Aukstata repaired one of the tallest industrial chimneys in Lithuania. The 250-meter-high reinforced concrete chimney in Elektrėnai (belonging to Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba, AB) required an urgent inspection and renovation of its exterior wall. Repairs were carried out to protect the protruding rusting reinforcement rods and to repair the broken concrete layer.

Aukstata is the ideal contractor for this type of work. Our team consists of experts with many years of experience working with smokestacks and other specialized structures. They handle similar situations on a regular basis and can therefore offer the most effective methods for repairs and successful continued operation of the structure.


In the case of this particular structures, a detailed visual inspection of its interior and exterior components was first carried out in accordance with the Rules for the Operation and Maintenance of Chimneys (RSN 148-92). During the inspection, the condition of the structure was assessed and appropriate tests were performed to evaluate any present anomalies. Our team takes into account the condition of the plinth, load-bearing structures and foundation, damage to the reinforcement rods of the structure, the situation in the top of the chimney, the degree of corrosion and damage to steel structures, lightning conductor circuit resistance, the condition of aviation warning lights (AWL), etc. Aukstata uses a variety of measurement and visual aids as needed, for example: digital distance meter, Schmidt hammer, ultrasonic wall thickness gauge, drone, 3D laser scanner, etc.

For inspection and repair purposes, smooth access to the chimney has been created via the installation of specially adapted GEDA platforms. These platforms allow our specialists to reach stack areas that cannot be accessed via ladder, to place all the necessary equipment on the platform, and to ensure a comfortable and safe work area. Electric hoists were used for removing materials, waste and construction debris.


A safety net was first installed at the smokestack platforms to protect technicians from falling debris when repairing crumbling concrete walls. The deteriorated layer of concrete was removed by scraping it off and washing the cracking surface of the stack. The protruding, unprotected reinforcement rods were also scraped accordingly and prepped for anti-corrosive coating using an ultra-high pressure washer. Now, the structure was ready for renovation works.

The reinforcement rods were first coated with protective anti-corrosion coatings to make them resistant to rust and thinning, and to retain their design properties, ensuring the smokestack’s durability and aerodynamic flexibility. Finally, all the damaged concrete areas were successfully repaired and restored.

It is recommended to carry out such inspections and maintenance work on a regular basis to ensure safe and efficient stack operation. They prevent minor problems developing into larger ones, as well as prevent dangerous incidents that would be much more costly for the facility. However, in this case, the works carried out by the team of Aukstata in a smooth and timely manner will ensure the safety, productivity and longevity of the stack.