We offer expert assessment services for various types of objects: cultural heritage buildings, chimneys and power generation structures, residential and commercial buildings, etc. With the help of modern technologies, we will assess in detail the condition, sustainability, quality and longevity of your object. Our company’s qualified team of experts will perform an overall assessment: from inspection to preparation of reports, without requiring the services of intermediaries.

Compliance with the following main requirements of the building shall be assessed:

  • Fire safety;
  • Mechanical durability;
  • Hygiene / health / environmental protection;
  • Safety of use;
  • Noise protection (if relevant);
  • Energy saving and heat retention.

The purpose of the examination of buildings and structures thereof is to determine their compliance with the listed requirements, and to describe in detail any identified violations. This assessment, inspections, measurement and test methods are tailored to each individual structure and its parts.

Typically, we begin the examination by analysing the design, cadastral measurements and maintenance documentation of the building. Then we carefully inspect the building itself, its construction diagram, layout and other relevant components. During the examination, we use appropriate tools and instruments to measure the deformations of the load-bearing structures, check the quality of the structural connections and their fastening elements, determine the sediments of existing structures, perform tests, etc.

After the inspection and appropriate tests, we prepare a detailed examination report in accordance with the requirements of STR 1.07.03:2017. It usually includes a brief description of the technical condition of the structure and its parts and the general characteristics of the structure; results of examinations, measurements and tests; photographs and descriptions of any identified defects, as well as their causes and consequences; and the mandatory conclusions of the expert’s report and recommendations for improving the condition of the structure.

We guarantee an objective provision of services, attentive cooperation and compliance with the highest work quality standards. Our many years of practice and extensive experience in the field of expert assessment enabled us to work with a wide variety of objects and handle various situations, that is why our performed expert assessments are particularly efficiently, making it easier for you to operate your building.