We are proud of our extensive experience and advanced level of knowledge in renovating, reconstructing and modernizing special and non-special commercial, industrial and residential buildings. We perform building renovation works designed to reduce thermal energy consumption costs, protect the building from structural collapse, as well as improve the overall appearance of the building and the living environment. We aim to contribute to the development and expansion of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly residential areas.


The majority of Lithuania and many other countries’ population are living in apartment buildings built in the late 1950s. Most of them are large-panel structures built according to the standards that were established during the Soviet years, which laid down particularly low requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings.

We perform renovation (modernization) works of apartment buildings to restore or improve the physical properties and energy efficiency of the building and/or its engineering systems. We can address any renovation needs,  starting with the insulation of exterior walls and the roof or roof overlay, and ending with the conversion or replacement of the heating system and the installation of renewable sources.


  • Apartment building renovation with design;
  • Apartment building renovation without design (special buildings);
  • Apartment building renovation without design (non-special buildings).

Energy efficiency improvement measures funded by the state:

  • Renovation (modernization) of heating and/or hot water systems:
    1. Installation or replacement of the heating system or boiler room, and installation or replacement of individual boilers and hot water systems;
    2. Heating system renovation, replacement or balancing, replacement of heating facilities, piping and pipeline insulation, installation of thermostatic valves, installation of individual heat meters and measuring systems;
    3. Replacement or renovation of hot water systems, replacement or insulation of piping;
    4. Installation of facilities for the production of energy from renewable sources (solar, wind, geothermal or aerothermal).
  • Renewal or replacement of ventilation systems, including installation of mechanical ventilation systems with a heat recovery (recuperation) function;
  • Insulation of the roof or ceiling, including roof structure reinforcement or defect repair, roofing replacement, renewal or installation of rainwater drainage system, installation of a new pitched roof with insulation (without any premises in the attic, and by including a ladder or staircase to the attic);
  • Insulation of exterior walls (including socle), repair of wall (socle) construction defects, dismantling, installation or replacement of existing downpipes, re-installation (without replacement) of electrical, gas and other systems away from the insulated walls (socle), and floor renewal;
  • Glazing of balconies or loggias, including reinforcement of an existing balcony or loggia structure or installation of a new glazing structure according to a single project;
  • Replacement of windows in common areas and replacement of shared exterior doors (entrance, tambour, balcony, basement, container, heating point), including related finishing works, as well as repair of entrance stairs and adaptation thereof to the needs of people with disabilities (by installing a ramp);
  • Replacement of windows and balcony doors of apartments and other premises with windows with lower heat permeability;
  • Basement ceiling insulation;
  • Renovation (modernization) of elevators – their replacement with more energy-efficient elevators, including making the elevators more accessible to people with disabilities;
  • Renovation (modernization) of general electrical engineering systems and lighting systems (replacement of electric cables, installation of LED lighting and automatic lighting control systems).

Other renovation (modernization) measures:

  • Renovation or replacement of other general engineering systems of the building (fire safety, drinking water, domestic and rainwater, drainage, as well as of local facilities belonging to the building);
  • Modification of structures (load-bearing balcony structures and safety railing, roofs above the entrance to the building) not related to the energy efficiency improvement measures specified in the first section, and liquidation of their emergency condition recognized in accordance with the procedures established by legal acts;
  • Simple repairs of the building’s staircase used by all residents (preparation for coating and painting of interior walls, ceilings, floors, as well as renovation and painting of stairs and railings);
  • After completion of the construction services, we will take care of all the necessary documents, including obtaining an energy efficiency certificate and warranty obligations.




We offer new construction services to clients looking for a reliable project contractor who can coordinate and manage high quality execution of your ideas. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to successfully carry out your project from start to finish. We will carefully consider your needs and expectations and deliver optimal solutions.

Our company offers construction services for various urban infrastructure areas: residential and non-residential buildings, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, power generation, hydraulic and other engineering structures. We make every effort to ensure that the execution of your project meets the highest quality of standards without exceeding your budget or time limitations.