Our main mission is to uphold the wellbeing of our society. That is why we work tirelessly for our clients in order to implement their ideas for the benefit of a prosperous society. We operate as a non-stop engine in every project and work together to modernize the residential, social and industrial infrastructure of cities. We also see the benefits of overall community integration, therefore, as a social enterprise, we strive to reduce social exclusion in our daily activities. We care about our communities and the environment, which is why we greatly appreciate the opportunities given to us by our clients, enabling us to contribute to improving the quality of public life.



UAB Aukstata was established in 2003 with the initial goal of providing industrial services at height. The company assembled a team of certified and highly qualified specialists to perform inspection, repair and maintenance services for industrial chimneys and smokestacks.

However, the changing needs of our clients have encouraged us to expand the range of our offered services. Today, Aukstata offers design, expert assessment, renovation and project management services covering various areas of urban infrastructure. We continue to provide a wide range of services for industrial chimneys, but we are also proud of our extensive, diverse experience in delivering our expertise for the industrial, commercial and social/residential sectors.

We are a team of reliable experts who can coordinate and execute your projects from start to finish. We specialize in the construction of new structures as well as renovation, repair and maintenance services for industrial, commercial and residential buildings and structures. We offer professional assessment and design services for cultural heritage buildings, industrial objects, residential and non-residential buildings, hydraulic structures, other engineering structures and their appurtenances.


We are proud of our extensive list of clients and established partnerships, and we appreciate the given opportunities to execute our clients’ ideas.



Our professional, qualified specialists prioritize high-quality and long-term work results in accordance with the ISO 9001 environmental standards. We ensure smooth and responsible work and completion of projects, and provide a long-term warranty for our services.


We are constantly growing and improving to keep up with the rapidly advancing industrial and construction sectors. We apply modern technologies (drones, 3D printers, 3D scanners, etc.) for efficient, advanced and safe performance of our work.


We stand out with our focused attention on the needs of our clients. We will evaluate your individual needs and apply flexible, personalized and targeted solutions. We strive to establish long-term partnerships with our clients, therefore we prioritize transparent and punctual communication, and make sure to complete each project responsibly.